studio study: andrew nott

Andrew Nott is an artist who works at Soundworks Studios, where I write. My camera and I hung out with him one afternoon as he put the finishing touches on his new collection. You can find out more about Andrew and his work at I’ve decided to make a habit of blogging about the … Continue reading


Geoff Orton and I met because we happened to be sitting next to each other at a Sydney Writers’ Festival session, Singapore Sling, in May 2011. It was the week after I’d quit corporate law to give myself more time to write, and it was encouraging to see that one of the panellists, the writer Shamini Flint, … Continue reading

the sleepers almanac no. 8

I had a brilliant time last Thursday at the launch of The Sleepers Almanac No. 8 at Trades Hall in Melbourne. In the Almanac is a long short story of mine called ‘Two’ — I wrote a little bit about in my last blog post. The directors of Sleepers Publishing, Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn: Sam Twyford-Moore, writer and Director of … Continue reading

my next big thing

I hope the year has started brilliantly for all of you. UK writer Samantha Memi has asked me to interview myself about my next big thing, which is a long short story due out in March. 1.  WHAT IS THE TITLE OF THE STORY? Two. 2.  WHERE DO YOU GET THE IDEAS FOR YOUR STORIES? … Continue reading

short story: ‘a shortage of santas’ by eric dando

This is a short story by Eric Yoshiaki Dando, first published by Sleepers Publishing in 2006 and reproduced here with Eric’s kind permission. A Shortage of Santas A friend of a friend is recruiting Santas for shopping centres and says that they are having trouble finding them.  The money is slightly better than my labouring job. … Continue reading

‘the great gatsby’ art department sale

The assets sale for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film adaptation was held in Matraville on Wednesday. I didn’t have my usual camera with me, so I took these shots with my smartphone while skipping around the warehouse looking at all the curiosities. The beautiful old chair on the left is now part of my growing collection … Continue reading

kate moss & other heroines

Samantha Memi‘s chapbook, Kate Moss & Other Heroines, has just been published by Black Scat Books as part of its Absurdist Texts & Documents series.  The chapbook includes Samantha’s short story ‘Bouffant’, which has previously appeared on this blog, and other gems like ‘Kate Moss versus the Millipede’. Samantha sent me a surprise gift from the UK, … Continue reading